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fn issue October 2011
'N-Plants' - Biosphere
'Sky Snails' - The Electric Golem
'Echo Park' - Willamette
'Gramophone Transmissions' - Broken Harbour
'Negative Space' - Blue Sausage Infant
'Home Patterning' - compilation
'Polychromatic Integers' - Richard Lainhart
'Generate Records' - compilation
'Sung In Broken Symmetry' - Aquarelle

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Download & play Furthernoise broadcast 4- 22/05/07 here

View the simultaneous Radio VJ mix from VisitorsStudio here

open both together for optimal enjoyment :)

Furthernoise on BCFM Playlist - 22.05.07
  Track Title Artist Label
1 Escape From Noise Negativland Seeland Records
2 Quadrigemina Michael Chokolak Schreck
3 Autumn Skies Matthijs Slijkhuis
4 Random Function (Live) Various Independant Recording
5 Der Doppelgänger III Bernhard Wagner Burning Shed
6 One Cluster & Eno Sonic Arts Network
7 Yanomamo Wayamou David Toop Sonic Arts Network
8 Sahel Al Bekaa Marzen Kerbaj & Franz Hautzinger Creative Source Recordings
9 Drive Home With A
Andreas Brandal Quasi Pop