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"Home Patterning"
compilation album
Periphery (OTP3011)
"April 10 2010" by Eraldo Bernocchi
"May 28 2011" by Keith Fullerton Whitman
"May 7 2011" by Rapoon
Eraldo Bernocchi
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Robert Rich
Malcolm Cecil/TONTO
The Electric Golem
Tim Motzer
Chuck van Zyl
Kevin Kissinger
Color is Luxury


fn issue October 2011
'N-Plants' - Biosphere
'Sky Snails' - The Electric Golem
'Echo Park' - Willamette
'Gramophone Transmissions' - Broken Harbour
'Negative Space' - Blue Sausage Infant
'Polychromatic Integers' - Richard Lainhart
'Generate Records' - compilation
'Sung In Broken Symmetry' - Aquarelle

Home Patterning is a compilation documenting a series of live recordings from various One Thousand Pulses (OTP) events held in the Bergstein basement over the first 18 months of the enterprise’s operations (more here). OTP’s programming, reflecting as it does the Periphery founder’s far-ranging fancy, draws a wide spectrum of wild electronic frontiersmen, of whom nine are captured here. All tracks were recorded live in the OTP soundspace. Nine new works forged on the fly that shuck pre-digested genre boundaries to home in on the patterns of each particular artist's sound fabric. Included are heavy-mannered Italian pulse'n'atmo expeditionist Eraldo Bernocchi, fellow-traveller with the likes of Bill Laswell, Harold Budd, and Mick Harris; space music and dark ambient psycho-navigator Robert Rich; synth pioneer Malcolm Cecil (of TONTO's Expanding Head Band) consorting with vintage analogue fetishists The Electric Golem; thereminist Kevin Kissinger; Moog and modular maniac Keith Fullerton Whitman; Philadelphia Buchla bleep duo Color is Luxury; atmospheric guitarist Tim Motzer, and Berlin School space explorer Chuck van Zyl.

Many and various are the electronic vapours on view, from the deep blue digitalia of Eraldo Bernocchi ("April 10 2010") to the neo-tribal flutes and percussion, glurp and micro-tunings of Robert Rich, to the post-industrial ethno-sampledelica of Rapoon ("May 7 2011"), and the wind-in-the-hair sinewave-surfing of Keith Fullerton Whitman ("May 28 2011"). Mad Moog Professor, Malcolm Cecil, conspiring with kindred circuit-benders, The Electric Golem, and later, flying solo, Chuck van Zyl, further state the case for early electronics-driven cosmology. Elsewhere lie the outer limits of Kevin Kissinger's theremin and Tim Motzer's e-bowed guitar horizontalities. Only Color Is Luxury seem out on a limb with a rough-hewn slab of analogue electronics cast in caustic tones that belabours unduly with noise-squalls. Overall, a good selection of live pieces, showcasing the ambit of OTP’s operations, Home Patterning foregrounding its status as a vital event - locus for a community of venues seeking to re-assert the claims of focused listening and direct engagement with the artist, the hi-fi desires of home listening with the audio-visual habitus of live concert, and the intimacy of a private residence.

Review by Alan Lockett


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