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"Ways Of Meaning"
by Kyle Bobby Dunn
Desire Path Recordings (Pathway002)
"Canyon Meadows"
"Movement for the Completely Fucked"

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fn issue June 2011
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Kyle Bobby Dunn composes peaceful, summer afternoons of music from his current home in Brooklyn, infused by his memories of childhood in Alberta, Canada. His most recent release, simultaneously released on vinyl and through the usual digital outlets, is Ways of Meaning. Although some of his previous releases have incorporated extended sections of field recordings, on Ways of Meaning Dunn uses mostly guitar and organ to create instrumentals that hover for a brief tender instant before passing over to the next.

The first side holds four short pieces, sketching out the expanse of Dunn's ethereal soundscapes. "Dropping Sandwiches" opens the side with clear tones and gentle harmonies coming from sustained descending melodies, subaquatic in hovering undulation. "Statuit" continues the mood, but the sound recalls the organist's postlude after the conclusion of the service. Encompassing the serenity of a quiet neighborhood church, with sunlight filtering through the stained glass, "Statuit"'s short gestures come together into a wandering melody with long, gently pulsing reverberation. "Canyon Meadows" jangles with guitar timbres and bright microtonal chords, the sole example on this album of a more extroverted character, albeit sharing Dunn's fascination with harmonies growing from slowly looping sustained melodic fragments. The side closes with a more subdued and muted "New Pures," which unites the three timbres from the earlier pieces into a drifting color field with a long fade into silence, a perfect conclusion to the suite.

Side two has the only long piece on the album, a fifteen-minute blissfest incongruously titled "Movement for the Completely Fucked". From quiet murmurings, little melodic fragments gradually extend into shifting harmonies, high overtones sculpting a shimmering brightness while bass drones increase the glowing intensity. "Touhy's Theme," the album's closer is another quiet piece, a series of slow subdued pulses whose lingering overtones become an extended, poignant melody. Dunn's first vinyl release is full of the warm harmonies that vinyl presents so well, and for collectors it is available both in a very limited art edition as well as the standard one.

Review by Caleb Deupree


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