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""rivages sur l'antipode""
by d'incise
iniitu (ini.tu#1001)
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Releasing yet another fine objet d'art of metaphorical antipodesian soundscapes, the ini.itu imprint have once again restated their unique take on experimental global sound. Produced in high quality vinyl with thier now signature artwork, “Ravages sur l’antipode” by d’incise, (aka Laurent Peter) is something akin to a palmiset of southern sound, slowly revealing layers in iterations that morph and segue over gradual transitions. Translated as “shores on the other side of the earth”, the album traverses grainy collages of processed textures, field recordings, microtonal cut ups and Musique concrète, that are abstract in their musical ambiguity, yet evoke a sense of mood and place as tone poems. The album is slightly reminiscent of Francisco Lopez’s earlier release “untitled #228” (also featured in these pages), but defines itself by the diversity of timbres in the lower bands, where tonal sub-bass harmonics are the earthly core to the terrestrial frequencies that perambulate the stereo spectrum.

With a reputation as an electro acoustic improviser, Laurent Peter is really showcasing his compositional skills in this release, and with a nod to the greats of the RTF school, it contains all those sensibilities. If there is a criticism, it is the inevitable incongruity of the technological sequencing of sound versus the unfolding of acoustic field recordings. For the most part Peter arrives at a good balance, achieved through careful processing and manipulation of source material. This is painstaking work and the results are tangible. “Ravages sur l’antipode” is an engaging listen and has a definite ‘cinema of the mind’ aesthetic that will appeal to those interested in cross-overs between ambient, soundtrack and experimental phonography. For those curious about his free improvisation, a quick detour to his self run net label “insubordinations” won’t disappoint either.

ini.itu releases are high quality limited edition vinyl with resplendent photo realist artwork, with an aesthetic that is not matched by many. More information on “Ravages sur l’antipode” and other ini.itu releases can be gleaned from their website.

Photograph by Robin Parmar

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