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"Escaping from Color, Rapoon Remixed"
compilation album
Qasi Pop (QPOP CD045)
"Obmam Ognom by Heimir Bj÷rg˙lfsson" by
"Ladder Friends Remix by TV Pow" by
"Colorscape Forming by Steve Roden" by Steve Roden
"Live In Ikra, Moscow 2006 by Cisfinitum & Rapoon" by


fn issue October 2011
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The Ukraine based Quasi Pop label have been quietly releasing consistently innovative albums since 2001, and with a roster of a virtual who's who of the international sound art fraternity, this latest offering is no exception. Escaping from Color, Rapoon Recomposed and Remixed is fifteen track compilation of contributions from various artists remixing audio from Rapoon's Tribal Sci Fi CD-ROM, and is as distinctive as each artists interpretation of the raw material is. As label founder Edward Sol says of the concept: 'Not the entire original Rapoon tracks have been re-mixed or re-composed, but the general ôsoundö or the sound aesthetic of Rapoon's music'. This certainly comes across from the diversity of contributing artists, and each of them bring their own influence to bare on the overall sound of the album.

Rapoon himself needs little introduction, and although it's been a while since he graced the pages of Furthernoise his recent output does seem to have been focused on contributing material to other compilations. However, he does create ideal source material for a compilation of this nature, and if your partial to a bit of ambient gloom then Escaping from Color will not disappoint. This is of course what Edward Sol means by focusing on the 'aesthetic of Rampoon's music', and the chosen artists couldn't have been more handpicked for a thematic like this. Having said that Heimir Bj÷rg˙lfsson intervenes with a little lightness in Obmam Ognom, which includes a humorous repetitive sample of a salsa band among the darker drones and crackles. I'm sure there is a concept here but it suffices to lighten the mood before continuing the journey into even darker soundscapes. Ladder Friends Remix by TV Pow and Steve Roden's Colorscape Forming would have to be my favourites. Combining slightly more electro-acoustic leanings, I particularly like the lovely sounding kit and refrain of Ladder Friends Remix, which emerges from ecclesiastic sounding drones into a semi prog rock ending. Rapoon in collaboration with Cisfinitum also contributes a track, Live In Ikra, Moscow 2006, which is a ecstatic signal processing drone fest, which will delight many of the noise heads among us.

As Alan Locket Lockett opined of his last album Time Frost, it was something that 'each must navigate by colour'. Well don your rose tinted shades for this one folks, as Rapoon et al have well and truly escaped from colour and the darkness beckons !

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