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Biosphere's N-Plants

Just a few months on from Geir Jenssenís conceptualisation of a work on Japanese nuclear plants, its release is attended by an eerie prescient resonance. The mood of N-Plants, though, is not one of dystopian desolation, but more ambiguous; less isolationist gloomfest than a retro-futurist harkback to early 90s Biosphere.

feature by Alan Lockett
Periphery: Sky Snails

Periphery is a new name for the electronic music trainspotter. Run by Darren Bergstein, editor of late lamented e|i magazine, once home for considered musings on Ďelectronic music and otherwise.í Following on a series of live events under the banner of One Thousand Pulses staged in his home, he expands into a label with three initial releases.

feature by Alan Lockett
Echo Park

Willamette's 'minimal works for tape, silence, voice and various stringed instrumentation' operate at the interstices of space and volume, quasi-classical cadences offering 'romantic music for the old and lackluster.' The project, started some years back and completed in 2009, finally finds release in the degraded loop elegies of Echo Park.

review by Alan Lockett
Gramophone Transmissions

Broken Harbour's Gramophone Transmissions mines the imaginary territories somewhere between Leyland Kirby and William Basinski, evoking musical memory through harmonies sustained and overlapped, and melodies whose contours have been worn smooth from forgetfulness and decay.

review by Caleb Deupree
Motion Parallax

Hints from prog, industrial, dark ambient, and noise all come across on Blue Sausage Infant's first LP release, Negative Space. Issued on Zeromoon in gorgeous packaging and colored 180-gram vinyl, Negative Space's three tracks combine into a diverse snapshot of musical creativity performed on wildly diverse instruments.

review by Caleb Deupree
Periphery: Home Patterning

A compilation of live recordings drawn from various One Thousand Pulses (OTP) events down in the Bergstein basement over the first 18 months of the Periphery boss's operations. OTPís programme, reflecting as it does the Periphery founderís far-ranging fancy, draws a wide spectrum of wild electronic frontiersmen, nine of whom are captured for Home Patterning.

review by Alan Lockett
Periphery: Polychromatic Integers

A set of not-quite-lost refound pieces from Richard Lainhart, digital artisan, graduate in composition and electronic music, and composer for music for film, TV and the web. In some senses a kind of hub for a bunch of electronic and otherwise tendencies linking four decades, on Polychromatic Integers he experiments with early forms of Midi, samplers and computers.

review by Alan Lockett
Silver Ash & Pail Bug on Generate Records

A postcard from the Out Rock and Improv edge telling of Silver Ash and Pail Bug. Common to both projects, on NY's Generate Records, is the motorik dynamism of Jeff Arnal, who has his drumstick-twiddling hand in a number of intriguing projects, a foretaste of which is presented here prior to release later in the year.

review by Derek Morton
Sung In Broken Symmetry

Aquarelle is a style of painting using thinned transparent watercolours. Like last album title, Slow Circles, a good departure point for this project; an apt signifier for its deliberate pacing, cyclic accretion, bright shards of guitar melody, and designer blur. It feels similarly crafted, as if distinct brush varieties had touched it with differing incidence to temper and tincture.

review by Alan Lockett

October/November 2011

Furthernoise is currently migrating to another portal and is not accepting releases until early 2012. Watch this space for further news on when we will be accepting releases again.

Welcome to October's Furthernoise, which is brimful of new sounds, verbiage and visuals for questing listeners and readers.

First, a look at whether Biosphere's musical realization matches up to the conceptual appeal and eerie resonance of his Japanese nuclear plant-inspired N-Plants. Alan opines.

And as a new electronic label, Periphery, is launched on the back of home-staged event series, One Thousand Pulses, we hit the Cosmic trail of Sky Snails, et al.

Caleb Deupree's review pile yields two odd bedfellows, Broken Harbor's vaporous Gramophone Transmissions nestling next to Blue Sausage Infant's gnarly Motion Parallax. Caleb appraises.

Our very own Out Rock operative, Derek Morton, returns from the Improv'n'Noise edge to tell of Jeff Arnal's drum dynamics for Silver Ash and his Pail Bug project on Generate Records.

Then a return to the Periphery for more from The Man of One Thousand Pulses in the form of veteran Richard Lainhart's Polychromatic Integers and various artists assembled for Home Patterning.
On to the autumnal Ohio of Infraction for a lowlight gem of disintegrating string loopism in Willamette's Echo Park.
Hanging in Ohio, Students of Decay offer FX-fetishist and guitar-wrangler Aquarelle a platform for his nicely individual take on ambient-noise drone, Sung In Broken Symmetry.
Alan dials in and signs off on all of the above.


Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany is broadcasting a radio feature on telematic improv group Ethernet Orchestra through their DEGEM web radio from December 2011-Jan 2012. The program is broadcast twice a day for a month and can be listened to a different times each day. It is scheduled within program block E.

Listen to the stream from here.

07/10/11-09/10/11 | Newcastle, various
No-Fiís new venture with an inaugural event featuring Bill Orcutt, Hype Williams, Hiss Golden Messenger, Bong, Cath & Phil Tyler, Rhys Chatham, The Hunter Gracchus, Chris Corsano & Dennis Tyfus, John Duncan, Alvarius B and more.

Minimal: Glass At 75
29/10/11-29/10/11 | Glasgow Tramway
All day celebration of Philip Glass's birthday, with Bang On A Can, The Smith Quartet and Scottish Ensemble.

11/10/11 | London Cafe Oto
5th annual experimental fest, with Alexander Tucker, Standard Planets, Astral Social Club, Temperatures and Jo Thomas.

22/09/11-25/09/11 | London, various
3rd ed. of this digital arts, music and culture event with coders, designers, visual artists, plus a music strand feat. Pantha du Prince, Svarte Greiner, Jacaszek, Emptyset, Illum Sphere, Jon Hopkins, Kanding Ray etc.

Digital Pop And The Death Of The Musical Artefact
15/10/11 | London Goldsmith's Univ
Nicola Dibben (author of Bjork's Biophilia essays), Eamonn Forde, Matthew Herbert, Wayne Marshall, Holly Bott and Fred Bolza discuss the effect of digitization from the perspective of musicians and producers.

Roger Mills

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